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Medic In Travolta Extortion Plot

Prosecutors contend Tarino Lightbourne paramedics, 47, tried to extort money from Travolta using threats. Neither the police nor prosecutors have elaborated on the nature of the regime. He is also accused of forgery. Lightbourne pleaded not guilty and was remanded in custody. Bridgewater was granted bail of 28. Former Senator Pleasant Bridgewater is due in court Wednesday to face charges of conspiracy and aiding in connection with the case. 000) during the weekend and vowed to fight against what it calls false and unfair charges. 000 ($ 40. Bahamian police said last week were of a complaint lodged by Travolta a conspiracy against him extortion.
28.1.09 08:51

Lindsay Lohan Tells Food To Buzz Off

Not to put too fine a point on it, but what is freakshow Lohan eat? Blink and you ll miss her. MusicToob reports suggest that a calorie-burning weight-loss drink, VPX RedLine Fat Incinerator (not unlike the Celsius beverage favored by the equally lean Katie Holmes), is to blame. In 2005, the friendship with a Nicole Richie and Skelator stylist Rachel Zoe seen Lohan weight plummet to a similar degree. Images of thin dramatically Lohan shopping in New York this week with his mother and sister are disturbing, to say the least. Someone could force feed her some hamburger before bringing my breakfast? Or wait for a box of those bars of Calteene Mean Girls (who have worked for the Queen!). Check out the jump back to an end. Lohan stormy relationship with Samantha Ronson was offered as a reason for his loss of weight, but it not the first time.
28.1.09 08:51

Ashley Tisdale Talks About Her Scene Stealing Dog

Maui Tisdale says sa wow a crowd as well as any veteran performer. We call it Maui Fever. Unfortunately, a little less Mauis made when it comes to potty training. This dog has great comedic timing. Because we were in the hotel all the time on the road and when he was little, she would go to the bathroom in the bathroom, ride Tisdale, all Maui from one city to another in a carrier of Louis Vuitton pet. Even today, when Im in an airport, it will stall for airport. Ashley Tisdale doesn t mind its attention 1-year-old Maltese-Poodle mix receives Maui. When she is excited, she begins to tap dance and jiggle as the penguins of Happy Feet, says. All you ll find in his love, the star told People High School Musical.
28.1.09 08:51

Jessica Simpson Packs On Pounds

Curves Are Bettershe said Harpers Bazaar in an interview in 2007. The 5-foot-3 singer, whose weight has fallen generally around 110-pounds mark worked for two hours a day, six days a week with a personal trainer to shimmy in those hot pants famous for his role in the film of 2005 Dukes Of Hazard. The buxom blonde pounds packed on the parade and its new beefed-up body on stage in a chili cook-off Florida on Sunday where sported high-waisted jeans, a low-cut black top and a leopard print belt double. I Dont Get The Whole Rail Thing Its Not Good For Your Heart Its Not Good For Your Mind.
28.1.09 08:51

Jackie Chan Goes Green With Segway

Segways are two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle invented by Dean Kamen in 2001. Jackie Chan action star was in Singapore last week to start Segways Go Green Initiative. Their environmental benefits are widely acclaimed, and the Segway Go Green initiative is all about creating a solution for sustainable mobility, in line with the objective of reducing global carbon emissions. Chan spent a day with its partners Matt McGuire Segway last week and hopes that the Segway PT will be used widely in Singapore l pollution as a means of free transport.
28.1.09 08:51


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